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Christine at the Question and Answer game

Yoann : Hello Christine, what do you do ?


Christine : I give back color to the lives of individuals and companies?


Yoann : Oh really, and what does that mean exactly?


Christine : For companies, it consists in bringing an answer to their challenges by an innovative approach around color! Companies often lose a lot of money due to the disengagement of their staff, to relational conflicts, to the non valorization of their hidden talents, to accidents and work stoppages, to burn out and this, due to multiple factors.

For many years, science has shown that colors have very important effects on human mood and behavior. So in all of this, color is an essential and underestimated element that can help reduce and mitigate these sources of unhappiness.

And even better, make the actors of the company aware of the deep causes of these tensions and dysfunctions. 


Yoann : It's interesting and how does it work in practice?


Christine : Well, it can take different forms:

- collective workshops that I lead where employees create a common work and in this context, go beyond the simple functional framework of their position and develop virtuous human skills (the famous soft skills)

- collective workshops to understand color symbolism where each participant will learn to know his or her work colors and those of resources, which he or she can then wear as clothing or simply by integrating them into his or her workstation through objects

- studies of the work environment to highlight colors that could act on the improvement of human behavior, such as stimulating attention on an assembly line 

- the realization of vibratory frescoes that I create and that integrate themes such as stimulating creativity, making relationships more fluid, improving empathy, ... Frescoes that can be placed in strategic places (meeting room, reception, catering areas, ...)

- Individual approaches in the form of coaching to identify how personalized colors can help the employee in his personal development process


Yoann: And how can we know if it works? 


Christine : So it is possible to set up a measurement system to evaluate the effectiveness of these actions, in particular with an electro-photonic camera that measures the energy fields of an individual. In the long term, we can see tangible results, especially if the following global triptych is taken into account: the work environment, self-knowledge and interpersonal relationships. These are the three axes on which the color approach can have an effect! And I work with a colleague who is able to link all this to economic and social performance measurement indicators 


Yoann : That sounds very interesting? How much does it cost?


Christine : To answer you, we need to meet and study all that. But generally speaking, I work on a consultant rate with a front office rate and a back office rate to do the analysis and reporting.  As an indication 1200 euros HT the day in front office and 900 euros the day in back office. For the realization of frescoes in companies, I work at a rate per surface on a basis of 15 euros for 100 cm2


Yoann : Great, so where can I find examples of your work? 


Christine : It's here :


Yoann : We haven't talked about individuals, how do you deal with them? What do you propose to them?

Christine : I offer personal development workshops based on artistic creation with paint, where we will highlight the colors that echo their development issues. We will also identify the colors that will help them to free themselves from their blockages and to develop their potential and self-confidence. This can be done in a group workshop or in an individual session.

I can also create frescoes to decorate homes as well as more personal works such as mirrors of the soul where the work brings out the deep intimacy of the individual, in all its evolutionary issues and potential strengths. These mirrors have, in the long term, very deep transforming actions and constitute a precious help to accompany one on one's path.

And of course, I lead conferences to make known the effects of colors and forms on the living and more generally of Art as a powerful lever of opening of conscience and development of human virtues. And this, with a scientific prism as well because research is advancing rapidly on the subject! 


Yoann : Thank you for this information and I am very interested in discovering your world in more detail and benefiting from your expertise in my company and my home.


Indoor vibratory painting

Advice and creations of hand-painted vibratory frescoes

Combine the message, the radiance and the vibrations while combining aesthetics ...

Whether you are an individual, a company, an institution, bring the universe of vibratory painting into your universe!

Christine Deschamps -

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Vibratory fresco

Federate a team,

Stimulate creativity,

Soothe a social climate, ...

Vibratory frescoes have entered the world of business and communities, to offer staff and visitors, energies targeted to their needs.

Mirror of Being

Bring into your home a work of wellness for harmony within you and around you.

It is about painting the energetic image directly related to your source. It connects you to your depths, highlighting your energy.

Ideas and tips for you

Bring the harmony in and around you into your home.

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