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I offer individual and couple coaching, to connect the Self in the sacred union of the feminine and masculine.


Pourquoi faire un coaching ?

Pour mettre en exergue ses potentiels et capacités naturelles professionnelles et/ou personnelles 

Quels sont les bienfaits ?

S'offrir un regard neuf sur sa vie, mieux se diriger, grâce à la valorisation de nos potentiels, de se recréer, de prendre les bonnes décisions, afin d'être en harmonie avec soi-même, dans nos choix de vie.


I offer individual and couple coaching. They are available in 2 or 3 steps depending on the option chosen:




An individual interview to identify needs and goals

A workshop for the creative application of the identified issues

A personalised work of art created by me (optional)



We highlight your development factors and the associated avenues of evolution.

I accompany you in a personal artistic creation to highlight them.

A few examples of objectives:

  • Harmony within oneself 

  • Identify relational adequacies

  • Positioning in relation to partners

  • Life mission

  • Self-confidence

  • Sacred Union in its feminine and masculine forms


Estimated time: 3 hours / price: 250€

in option : a work of art made by me according to the size of your choice (from 40x40cm ), indicative price for a 40x40cm canvas : 400 € / 50x50cm : 500 € / 60x60cm : 600 € ....




We highlight your development factors and the associated paths of evolution with the objective of guiding you towards the Sacred Union. This is followed by an artistic creation in a guided duo to feel it together.

A few examples of objectives:

  • Harmony in the couple,

  • The positioning in relation to your partner,

  • Intimacy, in its most subtle form

  • Loyalty through self-confidence

  • The realization of the couple entity

  • Freedom within the couple


Estimated time: 1/2 day with the couple 580 €

in option: a work of art created by me according to the size of your choice (from 50x50cm ), indicative price for a 50x50cm canvas : 500€ / 60x60cm : 600 € ...



Energy Care

Christine Deschamps is a graduate practitioner of the William Berton School of Colours, specialising in personal development.


A Colour Decoding will be our support, to clarify a present situation, to solve a difficulty or simply to get to know you better.


Each of the 90 "Colour Energy" cards reveals a vibratory message and its symbolic value.


This intuitive printout will answer your questions clearly and precisely.


It will allow you to highlight your qualities, your limits, to choose together the directions to consider in order to evolve serenely on your path of Life.

Each consultation brings practical solutions to improve your daily life in consciousness.

Personal Reconnection ®

Christine Deschamps is a certified reconnection practitioner trained by Éric Pearl.


The Personal Reconnection®, a specific frequency of 333, is a process of evolution, a lift on your life path!

It happens once in a lifetime, it is a personal choice, a commitment with yourself!

It leads to a letting go which favours intuition, the "Connection", fears disappear, the shadowy areas dissipate...

Profound transformations are taking place which allow us to "DARE", we must then prepare ourselves to  “THINGS MOVE!».

Reconnective care ®

It's a very powerful and soothing technique at the same time. It links you to a higher dimensional circulatory system that provides the basic energy for the renewal of the human body. 


It allows the healing of the different parts of Being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The Practitioner is a catalyst that transmits this energy, for the health and harmony of the Being.

Access BARS treatment

Christine Deschamps is an Access consciousness® Bars Facilitator (


Bars are a tool to help start functioning in a different way on the planet. 

What if instead of preparing for a limited reality, we could create a greater possibility? Bars create a different possibility. What is possible that we have not yet chosen? 

The practice of Access Consciousness® Bars makes it possible to :

  • Help us to recognise ourselves as the infinite/unlimited Being we really are

  • Make room for the creator in us capable of co-creating a better life for ourselves and for humanity.

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